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The American summer past time of collecting fire-fries is a beautiful one.

what the fuck…


"whats your sexuality?" "money"

I meant to put this up last week, but here’s my new hair! I’m so happy to have it cut. Next time will be color. ☺️💕
I am the most hipster bastard on the planet. But I needed a closed drinking container and I was at Target so WHADDAYA EXPECT WAS GONNA HAPPEN~ And it’s pretty. #shame
Chocolate glazed classic and an Apple Fritter from California Donut #donut #applefritter #foodporn #californiadonut #doughnut #faves #california 😋💕🍩

for the Nth time, i was just told the, “i moved here twenty years ago with three dollars in my pocket” story. being told that if they can make it, i can too.

do not fucking tell me this shit. instead, do go fuck yourself.