Is it just me or you don’t really realise how drunk you are until you are in a bathroom alone???



Carson Huey-You is an 11-year-old child prodigy who is currently enrolled at Texas Christian University (TCU) studying quantum physics. He speaks Mandarin Chinese and plays the piano very well. He attends classes with his mother Claretta Huey-You who is also enrolled at TCU.
"According to NBC5 in Dallas, Claretta Huey-You said her son was reading books by the age of two and could add, subtract, multiply and divide by age three. He attended high school aged five and also speaks Mandarin and plays Beethoven on the piano. His intellectual capability at such a young age was described as “completely off the grid” and he scored both a high mark and impressive marks in his university admission interview.
TCU’s youngest entrant said he had managed to “make a few friends” in his first few days”
Great accomplishment Young Huey!  This shouldn’t shock us though Africans were the first scholars and scientists on earth. It’s in our blood!
Continue to be Great Carson! #BlackExcellence #CarsonHueyYou #Genius #SancophaLeague
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my mom and i had another petty argument while we were watching tv. ive been really at the end of my rope with her lately, so i decided to just get my headphones and my notebook and sit at the kitchen table to write out my frustrations and listen to angry music. i audibly sobbed once, literally one sob, and then she practically threw the tissues at me. a bit later she stood in front of me and slapped the table i was sitting at to try to get my attention. first of all, she knows my in ear headphones are noise cancelling and that i /absolutely/ cannot hear anything while using them (esp if im fucking blasting deftones!!). second, she knows that when i’m writing and have my headphones in, that it’s my signal to be given space until i cool off.

a little while later i get up and notice she’s gone. it’s fucking 11:30 at night, and the last time i checked she was in pjs and getting ready to go to sleep. so i call her, and she answers immediately. (this is telling because she NEVER answers when i call her. this shows me she was waiting for my call.) i ask her where the fuck she went and she was like, “i went to stand under a streetlight for a while. i couldn’t sit there and be miserable and feel unsafe. i couldn’t sit there and listen to you cry.”

umm what? she continues, “i tried to tell you i was leaving but you ignored me. it’s not my fault that you ignored me.” i tell her to get the fuck home, that this isn’t funny. she tells me she’s not senile. i tell her i know, and that’s why i’m pissed.

she takes about 15 minutes to get home, and i open the door for her and she says, “can you let me in?” as if im blocking her path.

um. how the fuck do i deal with this. it feels like she physically doing her best to manipulate me. we’re growing further apart. the apartment were in is mine. the phone plan we share is mine. i choose not to argue with her and instead write in my notebook. is she scared? does she know i really don’t need her anymore? is she acting out to get my attention? what the fuck do i do? im just trying to live my life. im just trying to be independent. im not a therapist and i cant be terrified every second that shes going to be reckless just to get my attention.

when she got home she said she has nothing. i asked her if that was my fault, and she said yes, partially. how is it my fault that a grown woman has nothing. ive taken nothing from her. ive kept her from nothing. ive merely existed. she told me shes feels suffocated but now i cant even cry in my own home without her acting out. what do i do?!



Ham, Swiss, and Jalapeño Stuffed Pretzels


Cool thing: Fruit in Japan is much more expensive and packaged in smaller quantities. There are many, many laws on importing fruit; most of the fruit in Japan has been grown there. In Japan, the methods in which the farms grow fruit is much different. They work hard to make their produce naturally perfect. Often times, most of the fruit on one plant will be removed early on so that the nutrients are concentrated on the few fruits left on the branch. Instead of genetically modifying, the fruits are instead simply very well cared for. :)









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They turned RNA into an anti-virus program. That is amazing.

Let me restate this in case it didn’t sink in the first time
Researchers physically DELETED ALL TRACES of the HIV virus from a human cell.


"nah we can’t have female leads or characters of colour or gay characters or else our show will bomb"




telescopic contact lenses




OK Highway Patrol Captain George Brown says the best “tip” for women to not get raped by a cop is to “follow the law in the first place so you don’t get pulled over.” (Last third of the video).
Three serial rapists in 3 weeks arrested in Oklahoma, all cops.
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Pro tip: if you’re signaled to pull over (whether you’re male or female) and you’re in a place that has no witnesses, turn your hazard lights on to acknowledge the officer’s siren, and drive to the nearest gas station or populated area. This is accepted protocol by every agency. You are not obligated pull over until you can do so safely. This includes personal safety. Understand your rights, brothers and sisters. There are disgusting examples of authority in this world.